Requirements for Green Dot Card

Green Dot primor Visa Gold Secured Credit Card, Green Dot primor®® Visa Classic Secured Credit Card and Green Dot Secured Visa®®® Credit Card are no longer accepting applications. Existing cardholders can continue to use their current products. For more options, check out our roundup of the best secured credit cards. *Must be at least 18 years of age to use this product. Service fees and limits apply. The card must be activated and personalized with the cardholder`s name. Personal information, internet access, work email address and mobile phone are required to use MoneyPak. Check the card`s eligibility for MoneyPak.com. Green Dot`s prepaid debit card options, which are only sold in-store, include Visa Debit, Visa Debit with Cash Back and Visa®®® Debit Pay As You Go. Here`s what each has to offer and the fees you can expect.

If one of your goals this year is to get your finances under control, a prepaid card could help you cross that off your to-do list as soon as possible. If you don`t want to commit to paying ongoing monthly fees, the flexibility of Green Dot`s Visa Pay As You Go debit card® could be attractive. Instead of a monthly maintenance fee, pay-as-you-go cardholders pay $1.50 per transaction. While this type of fee structure can add up quickly, the trade-off can be helpful for people who want to use prepaid cards to control their spending in certain categories of purchases, such as groceries. The card retains many of the same features as other Green Dot cards, such as free bank transfers, free direct deposits, and the ability to use the vault. However, you will not be able to «graduate» such a product with the green dot, because the company does not offer such unsecured cards. You can, of course, request one from another issuer, but if you want to get your Green Dot deposit back – and stop paying the annual fee – you`ll need to close your Green Dot account. (And closing an account can affect your credit score.) However, what you don`t get with this card is access to Green Dot`s Money Vault service. There`s also no way to waive the monthly maintenance fee — that`s a whopping $9.95, two dollars more than you`d pay for the Visa debit card.

Other fees associated with the Green Dot Cash Back Visa debit card include: Otherwise, you won`t have full access to the card`s features or be able to top it up, meaning the card itself will become useless when your first deposit is spent in full. Deposit up to $500 in cash to any eligible debit or prepaid card in minutes.* Check card eligibility. Important: These services are not available in all states or stores. Reloads must not exceed the limits of the card. Additional fees apply for transactions over $1,000. Your receipt is proof of your reload. Deposit cash at checkout with your Green Dot Card in 90,000+ slots Once your Green Dot Card is registered, it includes government deposit insurance by the issuing bank (in this case, Green Dot Bank), as well as protection against loss, theft and fraud, thanks to a rule published by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in April 2019. The Green Dot Visa® prepaid debit card probably has more in common with traditional debit cards than the company`s other offerings. In addition to all of the above features, the Visa debit card provides access to Green Dot`s vault, allowing you to put money aside for special purchases, a dream vacation, or an emergency savings fund (or other purposes).

Once it is moved to the safe, the money will not be available for purchases or ATM withdrawals until you transfer it to your card. However, these cards have higher APRs, so if you have low to medium credit and also plan to carry a balance on the card, consider Green Dot credit cards despite these annoying fees. Prepaid debit cards are not for everyone. For example, if building funds is one of your financial goals, a prepaid card won`t help. And depending on which Green Dot card you want, the fees could end up outweighing the benefits it offers in helping you stick to your budget or avoid debt. The Visa®® Gold Prime Green Dot secured credit card charges the highest annual fee, but has the lowest interest rate of the three. The current APR is 9.99%. A single-digit APR is unusual for cards aimed at people with poor credit ratings. This is one of the reasons why it is included in our roundup of the most secure cards. Depending on the credit card balance you need to carry, the slightly higher annual fee may be worth it. However, all three Green Dot cards come with an annual fee, which is a major and persistent drawback. Even potential applicants with low to medium credit scores can find alternatives in the area of secured cards that do not charge an annual fee, such as the Discover it® secured credit card or the Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card.

The Green Dot CashBack Visa debit card is similar to the regular Visa® debit card, except for a few important differences: As a prepaid cash back debit card, you get 2% off mobile and online purchases with no limit, as well as a no-fee savings account that currently earns 2% annual interest on balances up to $10,000. Cardholders also benefit from free withdrawals at network ATMs and free cash deposits at participating retailers. A secured card works like a regular credit card – you can use it to make purchases and then withdraw all or part of the balance each month – but you`ll need to leave a refundable deposit first. See the cardholder agreement for fees and terms and conditions> Kelli Pate is a former CreditCards.com employee and freelance writer and writer who lives in Kansas City, despite being a Jersey girl at heart. When she`s not writing about personal finance and credit cards, she`s diving into the world of travel hacking. Mobile Check Deposit: Active personalized card, limits and other requirements apply. Additional customer verification may be required. Mobile Check Cashing: Ingo Money is a service of First Century Bank, N.A.

and Ingo Money, Inc., which is subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of First Century Bank and Ingo Money. Visit www.ingomoney.com/partners/greendot-terms-conditions/ for more details. Limit values apply. Lee Huffman spent 18 years as a financial planner and corporate finance manager before leaving his job to write full-time. He has been contributing to CreditCards.com and writing about early retirement, credit cards, travel, insurance and other personal finance topics since 2012. He loves to show people how to travel more, spend less, and live better through the power of travel rewards. Registration required. The account must be healthy and a chip debit card must be activated to log in.

Overdraft coverage requires initial and ongoing eligible direct deposits. Other criteria may apply that may affect your eligibility and overdraft coverage. Overdrafts are paid at our discretion. Overdraft fees may result in an overdraft of your account in an amount greater than your overdraft coverage. Any eligible purchase transaction that rejects your account may incur a $15 fee. The balance must be increased to at least $0 within 24 hours of authorizing the first overdrawn transaction in your account to avoid fees. Overdraft protection is only available for eligible demand deposit accounts. Log in to your account and read your account agreement to check feature availability. Just like many regular credit cards, Green Dot reports credit card behavior to the three major credit bureaus so you can build your credit history.

And if you do, you can qualify for better cards, i.e. regular, unsecured products that don`t require a deposit. These cards may also have no annual fees and/or earn rewards. Active custom card required. Fees and limits apply. Founded in 1999, Green Dot is one of the largest providers of prepaid debit cards in the United States. The fintech company has since expanded to provide payment processing and other services to global brands such as Apple, Walmart, Intuit, Uber Technologies and Amazon. Most recently, Green Dot launched GO2bank, the second iteration of its consumer mobile banking service. This card can also be a good place to keep your money. The first $5,000 in your account earns 1%, which is paid quarterly. In addition, you get up to 7% cash back when you purchase eGift Cards and 3% when you purchase Amazon Gift Cards in the card`s app. Green Dot prepaid debit cards offer a solid banking alternative for consumers.

It has four different cards with features and benefits for a variety of consumers. Benefits include free ATM withdrawals on the network, online bill payments, and up to 2% interest on balances. There are six ways to add money to a Green Dot card. You must make an initial deposit (between $20 and $500) at the time of purchase, after which you can set up a free direct deposit with your employer, transfer money from external bank accounts, deposit money at participating retailers, and deposit cash checks through the mobile app.