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In accordance with Japan`s Whistleblower Protection Law, Sharp Corporation and its subsidiaries in Japan have established the Crystal Hotline, a hotline to report workplace issues, such as violations of laws, the Sharp Group Corporate Code of Conduct and the Sharp Code of Conduct. and compliance issues. In addition, the company has set up an antitrust hotline that serves as a specific point of contact for competition law matters. These hotlines have been set up both within the company and externally (through an external law firm that provides legal advice). They are available to employees and temporary staff, as well as business partners* via email, phone and other means to create reports. The Crystal hotline also accepts anonymous reports. Sharp also has a counselling service that deals with workplace harassment (including sexual harassment, pregnancy-related discrimination and abuse of power). The hotlines and the counselling service receive reports and conduct investigations according to strict operating rules. Those who have submitted a report or requested a consultation will be informed of the details of the response. If the investigation reveals a violation of laws, regulations or company rules, deviations from socially accepted standards or other compliance issues, Sharp will take steps to remedy and prevent this from happening again.

Among the laws and regulations relating to the conduct of business, some are considered crucial and may affect the entire Sharp Group. For each of these essential categories of laws and regulations, the Company establishes its own legal department. The objective is to ensure full compliance with these laws and regulations. Each legal department fully understands the content of the essential law and considers the impact it could have on the activities of the entire Sharp Group and on the functioning of the various departments. It then reviews business procedures and processes as required, revises company rules, formulates or revises current operational standards, communicates these changes, and provides advice and oversight to managers and employees. Sharp`s legal department monitors the status of competition law compliance by confirming the circumstances of issues such as transactions and contacts with competitors in each area based on reports from the sales departments to the legal department. These reports include identified risks that are reviewed regularly. This allows Sharp to more effectively prevent the exposure of competition law risks (such as collusive activities or tendering agreements).

Such efforts preserve the effectiveness of Sharp`s compliance program. Get advice from law students and lawyers in the LexTalk legal community on law schools Hotlines have been set up at Sharp`s main overseas bases, taking into account the legal system and other issues in each country. Steps will be taken to resolve any issues promptly. In fiscal year 2021, there were 90 notifications. Since joining ADF in 2010, Sharp has drafted federal and state laws, regularly provides testimony and legal analysis on how the proposed legislation will affect constitutional freedoms, and advises governors, legislators, and state and state political organizations on the importance of laws and policies that protect First Amendment rights. He testified before the U.S. Congress on the importance of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Data protection has become an increasingly important issue worldwide. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU has been enacted to protect personal data. Governments around the world, including those of China and individual states in the United States, have increasingly implemented measures and formulated new laws based on the GDPR. In response, Sharp regularly conducts investigative investigations and risk analyses on the various areas related to the collection and processing of personal data in the EU. Based on its findings, it has taken measures that include providing adequate privacy notices, signing agreements and introducing internal rules necessary for the correct processing of personal data.

Sharp also educates its employees by regularly publishing information on the adoption and amendment of laws on the global protection of personal data. In addition, Sharp shares examples of fines for violating these laws. In order to train its employees in Japan and abroad, Sharp has also published training videos on the global protection of personal data on the Sharp Group intranet. In order to facilitate the fight against anti-social forces, Sharp maintains a system of rapid communication and cooperation with the police, legal advisers and other external experts, from whom it regularly receives information, which is then widely disseminated and managed within the Sharp Group. Sharp also strives to raise awareness among employees by conducting compliance training once a year, including on countering anti-social forces. In Japan, Sharp prevents illegal disbursements and inappropriate spending through a system of mandatory controls that verify legality, adequacy and transparency. This system, which has been in place since December 2008, is used to assess the appropriateness of cash payments such as donations and contributions from Sharp Corporation and its subsidiaries. In fiscal year 2021, 11 contribution cases were reviewed. In order to comply with Japan`s Law on the Prohibition of Private Monopolization and the Maintenance of Fair Trade and equivalent foreign laws and contracts aimed at protecting the interests of consumers by maintaining and promoting free and fair markets («Competition Laws»), Sharp has implemented compliance with competition laws throughout the Sharp Group.

It has also produced a manual on compliance with the Antimonopoly Act (Guidelines on Measurements). These guidelines set out the basic compliance issues that employees must comply with in their antitrust obligations. In order to raise employee awareness, Sharp has created a guide that summarises the key points of competition law for each business area and regularly organises internal training via e-learning. Sharp also raises internal awareness of case studies related to competition laws in Japan and abroad, as well as information on major legislative revisions. Sharp prevents the updating of competition law risks in transactions with business partners by reviewing all contracts and seeking advice from its legal department when approving new contracts. Sharplegal`s information facilitates dynamic decision-making to reduce risk and gain competitive advantage by ensuring that: With a basic understanding of the case and with annotations in the margin, the second reading of the case should be much easier. You can direct your reading to the most important sections and it will be easier for you to see what is important and what is not. Review the case until you have identified all the relevant information you need for your letter, including issues, facts, inventory, and relevant parts of the analysis. In addition, Sharp has set up a portal page on its intranet for awards and performances, which provides a consolidated selection of functionalities, including the comprehensive dissemination of internal standards and rules for conducting audits based on internal specifications and manuals, the dissemination of information on new legal and regulatory trends and the provision of a contact service.

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