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Campbell Law Firm is a law firm that leverages a global network of experienced lawyers with decades of legal training and practical experience. TCLF is a social impact law firm that, like Build Up, works with nonprofits, philanthropists, philanthropists, high net worth individuals and movements. TCLF provides high-level advice to entrepreneurs and social impact organizations around the world. At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we put our clients` needs first. Our persevering lawyers will put your goals first while fighting for the most favorable outcome on your behalf. Our law firm was founded in 2001 and has extensive experience in a wide variety of legal areas. Every step of the way, you know you`re in good hands with a team you can count on. For a fixed monthly fee, we conduct a legal assessment, create a legal roadmap based on your goals and needs, and provide you with high-quality ongoing legal advice. To learn how TCLF can meet your or your organization`s specific needs, send an email or schedule a free discovery call with Nic. During her private practice and as Associate General Counsel at the New York Community Trust, Assistant General Counsel and Secretary of the Open Society Foundations, and Senior Director of Operations and Foundation Counsel at Dalio Philanthropies, Nic has provided legal advice on local, regional, national and international projects and issues. Los Angeles Legal Solutions has been serving the community in Los Angeles and Southern California for over twenty years. We deal with various areas of law, including consumer protection, personal injury, immigration, criminal defense, entertainment and intellectual property.

If you need a consumer advocate in Los Angeles who can effectively fight for your interests, you`ve come to the right place. Contact Los Angeles Legal Solutions today to arrange your first consultation with our experienced legal team. The dedicated lawyers at Los Angeles Legal Solutions have proven the success of this firm with significant monetary returns for our clients. Our goal is to always ensure the best possible result for you, the customer. We treat all clients with the care, compassion and respect they deserve while using our resources to achieve the most favorable outcome. Your legal affairs will be treated with competence and respect. Contact us today so we can start processing your case. There are many lawyers who can recite the law. Finding a lawyer who has a positive approach (as opposed to none) is rare and valuable. Nic Campbell is that kind of lawyer.

Working with Nic, I`ve learned that she really knows tax legislation and non-profit law, is smart as a whip, works extremely hard, and is really interested in finding the best possible client-centric solutions. She is a professional in the best way. I highly recommend them. Since working with The Campbell Law Firm, I have much more confidence that the grant agreements we create reflect the values of our foundation while covering all necessary legal bases. In addition to sharing our values around trust-based philanthropy and being a good thinker partner, it has been a pleasure to work with Nicole Campbell: approachable, flexible, timely, thorough and friendly. I recommend their services to any foundation that wants to update and improve its funding processes. Thank you, Nicole! Nic Campbell is one of the country`s leading non-profit lawyers. What sets them apart from others in the field is a unique combination of technical expertise and pragmatic approach to their work. When it comes to awarding, governance structuring, project design and management, it`s hard to find someone better placed than Nic Campbell to do it effectively and efficiently.

I had 3 lawyers in front of this office and they ruined my accident case. This office brought me the highest severance package in just 3 months. They call you back immediately and always answer the phone. This office will make you happy and bring you the best possible results in the short term. They are very fair. This office is very organized and adequate. They listened to my problem and solved it immediately. Very reasonable, they are more focused on public service than financial gain. Social media connects billions of people around the world, but it could complicate your consumer lawsuit in California. Here`s how. — Gay Young Vice President, Donor Services, New York Community Trust The Best Immigration Advocate in the Los Angeles Area After my husband and I recovered from hospitalization at home, we needed a lawyer. Jay asked us for a recommendation.

He listened patiently and explained the process every step of the way. He is a lawyer who leads with kindness, honesty and integrity. Jay worked hard for us and successfully resolved the situation. I highly recommend Jay. At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we are proud to help clients who have been exploited, defrauded or otherwise harmed during more than 20 years of consumer law violations. With a focus on credit cases, identity theft, data breaches and other areas of consumer protection law, we feel very pleased to help customers who need us most.