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While people don`t seem to get tired of shouting about AI, granular and real-world apps can sometimes be missing in their comments. All you need to know to understand AI is that it contributes to software that can search and interpret documents, perform accurate risk assessments, refine document interpretation based on precedents, and draft contracts and legal opinions. Tasks such as due diligence, document review, easy creation, discovery, and prediction of legal outcomes can all be performed by machines. It is largely the role of a junior partner that we are talking about. White & Case is one of the most accomplished law firms in the world. In our 2019 employee satisfaction survey, the firm ranked 2nd in the U.S. legal market. To learn more about the lives of White & Case employees, read the inside view>> representing bolttech, a Singapore-based global insurtech company and subsidiary of Pacific Century Group Holdings, in its $180 million Series A funding round, which resulted in a valuation of more than $1 billion in the year following the initial launch. «I really hope that technology will be able to redefine the type of person entering the legal field and change the perception of what a legal career looks like,» Benamram says. We are already seeing large companies hiring juniors with specific technical backgrounds. In the most disruptive scenario, young lawyers who feel more comfortable in a digital economy would exert a little more influence at the partnership level. We are already seeing companies actively hiring millennials with the ideas that will shape the digital legal industry. For students, this is a great opportunity to show companies how they can be an asset to the company – to start the dialogue from the first interview.

White & Case still views technology as a «key practice» and wants to continue investing in the sector despite the «obvious» economic challenges, board member Oliver Brettle said in a statement. Lawyers in our technology industry group are embedded in evolving market sectors emerging at the intersection of technology, including finance, healthcare and life sciences, media, telecommunications, transportation, energy, infrastructure and retail. They offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the following areas: Erin Hanson focuses her practice on technology and intellectual property issues, including licensing and commercialization, as well as strategic collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions. He is responsive, efficient and has the commercial awareness to understand the nuances of when to compromise and when to rigorously defend our positions. «Erin is an exceptional lawyer and we call on her to negotiate when dealing with our most strategic partners. She always provides first-class legal advice. «She has a deep understanding of our business and risk tolerance and is always enthusiastic and motivated to work on new projects. Serious transaction practice with considerable expertise in the technology and outsourcing sector and experience working for clients in financial services, social media and biotechnology. Regularly sought to advise on FinTech matters, with an active practice advising on technology-related acquisitions, joint ventures and service agreements. Leverages its extensive network of global offices to support cross-border transactions and outsourcing arrangements. Visit our technology and law-focused technology news flash We know the tech industry inside out. White & Case lawyers offer hands-on and hands-on experience, as many of our group members were previously in-house counsel and senior executives at technology and Fortune 500 companies, as well as former officials responsible for technology policy development and regulation in various regions.

Many of our lawyers also hold graduate degrees in science, mathematics, technology and engineering, helping us anticipate our clients` most complex legal and business challenges. Ian Ivory joins White & Case as a partner in the London M&A practice. Ivory is a lawyer who specializes in cross-border mergers and acquisitions with a particular focus on technology transactions, according to BCLP`s website. «They have excellent expertise in fintech financial regulation and are very responsive, making them excellent partners for lengthy negotiations in multiple countries.» Chambers Professional Advisers: Fintech 2018 «Overall, this is one of the most reliable companies I work with. Call first. The expertise is excellent, they have an in-depth practice where they have a wide range of experts. In terms of customer service, certainly better than most companies in terms of responsiveness. » Client Citation, Chambers Fintech Legal — USA, 2020 Acted for Facebook as lead counsel for the firm`s international (non-US) civil litigation portfolio, which addresses current issues in 160+ jurisdictions involving complex international contractual disputes, privacy and defamation, data protection, trade secrets, unfair competition, content strategy, freedom of expression and censorship, intermediary liability, and criminal and regulatory investigations; and Consumer Class Actions. He also served as a senior technology transaction advisor and global antitrust advisor, representing Facebook`s subsidiary WhatsApp in its $5.7 billion investment in India`s largest telecom operator, Jio Platforms Ltd., and advising on fintech products and services. «Most of the technological advances of recent years – email, electronic case law research, smartphones – have changed where lawyers can work, but not how many they work. And on the contrary, these technologies have led to compressed timelines and greater urgency, so if the paradigm isn`t somehow changed by AI, then I would expect more. «Representing Microsoft Corporation in connection with U.S.

antitrust, commercial and intellectual property laws. As a first step, the firm will use LawGeex`s technology within the London-based private equity group to streamline the review of certain deals and contracts. Ian Bagshaw, the firm`s global co-head of private equity, commented: «This is just the beginning. AI technologies can and will have a huge impact on our transactional business, and we are excited to partner with LawGeex to leverage AI to improve service and save money. This step of relying on technical solutions within the material work will increasingly speed up the pace of procedures. This will also save customers a lot of money. So we could see an economy divided between the haves and the have-nots – companies that invest could create a new elite. But Benamram believes the entire profession will collectively win.

In the same way that elite companies bear the cost of recruiting and training each new class of graduates, these same companies will «invest in these tools and develop best practices for suppliers. So medium-sized companies jumping on the bandwagon can use what we`ve done – they don`t have to experiment with the tools. «White & Case has developed a leading fintech practice specializing in complex global affairs. Its historical expertise in corporate and financial markets has made the company one of the leading providers of cross-border cryptocurrencies and transaction mandates. Its strong presence in the UK, Europe and Asia allows it to advise global giants. Chambers Fintech Global – US, 2021 We also advised Square on the regulatory aspects of its deposit insurance process as part of its previous application to become the first FinTech bank in the US. Facebook and WhatsApp Facebook and its subsidiary WhatsApp as lead advisor on commercial fintech transactions and global antitrust counsel in connection with the technology, trade and product integration deal related to Facebook`s $5.7 billion investment in Jio Platforms Ltd. Represented Google LLC in numerous high-stakes antitrust and patent litigation, such as Google`s defense on appeal against the €4.34 billion fine in the Android antitrust case, as well as numerous intellectual property litigation brought by the USITC and U.S. District Courts by various providers of smart products and services. In addition, we regularly advise Google on technology licensing and strategy. Financial technology (fintech) is evolving at a breakneck pace as the digital revolution changes, enhances, redefines and reverses the traditional roles and functions of financial services.

Acted for Arqit Limited, a leading provider of quantum encryption technology, in connection with its agreed business combination (de-SPAC) with Centricus Acquisition Corp., a $1 billion acquisition company. Encouragingly, despite this investment in technology, no company shows signs of reducing adoption in the first year. Benamram emphasizes: «Roles are not eliminated, but moved. Juniors` tasks will be redefined – rather than finding the needle in the haystack, their role will focus more on identifying patterns in the data. «[The White & Case team] has a solid understanding of the internal needs and complexities of global technology companies. Problems require multi-dimensional and creative solutions that work for all areas of a business (e.g. comics, engineering, product, marketing, etc.), and White & Case is able to consistently provide comprehensive, goal-oriented advice that goes beyond excellent legal advice. Client Case Study – Legal 500 US 2021 We have been at the forefront of the fintech and payments market for over two decades.