Who Is the Antagonist in Legally Blonde 2

Chutney Windham is one of the two main antagonists (along with Professor Callahan) in the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde. Evildoer Full name Callahan aka Professor Callahan Origin Legal blonde profession University ProfessorLawyer (both formerly) Powers/Skills High intelligenceCharisma Pastime Commanding, beating and sexually harassing women Goals to have sex with Elle Woods (failure). Crime Sexual harassmentRape Type of villain Perverted corrupt official Professor Callahan is one of the two main antagonists (along with Chutney Windham) of the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde and its 2007 Broadway musical adaptation. «Legally Blonde» first enchanted audiences with its sparkling story of a heartbroken blonde who became a brilliant Harvard law student when it hit theaters on July 13, 2001. Hosted by the incomparable Reese Witherspoon, Elle Woods was instantly charming: a lively SoCal optimist with an eternally pink wardrobe and an unwavering belief in equally adorable people. Witherspoon`s comments instead of Top Gun 2 suggest that fans can expect cameos from some of the franchise`s classic characters. Selma Blair, the original antagonist of Legally Blonde, has already said she will be open to a return. However, Blair`s battle with multiple sclerosis could limit the ability with which she could resume her role, should the authors decide to bring her back. Similarly, Top Gun 2 has managed to adequately and effectively bring back Val Kilmer, who also suffers from a disease that has changed his career. The similarities between the sequels are obvious, but only time will tell if Legally Blonde 3 is able to discover the same recipe for success.

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 36%, based on 159 critics, with an average rating of 4.9/10. The site`s critical consensus is: «This blonde joke is less funny the second time.» [5] On Metacritic, it has a weighted average score of 47, based on 39 critics, indicating «mixed or average reviews». [6] Viewers surveyed by CinemaScore gave the film a «B» score on an A+ to F scale.[7] The film was ranked number 21 in Entertainment Weekly`s «Top 25 Worst Sequels Ever Made» (2006). [8] The film has its share of amusing lines («It`s like C-SPAN, except it`s not boring») and moments (congressional interns for a troupe of pompoms), but the plot developments in Representative Rudd`s office are heavy. Rudd`s main assistant (Regina King) is cold and hostile to her when the plot needs her, then flips a penny. Rudd herself admits to abandoning her bill in exchange for large campaign contributions. And Elle`s top adviser is a hotel doorman (Bob Newhart) who, from what he listens, knows how Washington works. Uh huh. Legal Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde was released in theaters Wednesday before the fourth of July 2003 and grossed nearly $40 million on Monday. The following weekend, however, the film was only able to sell half of it and the film quickly left theaters in the following weeks.

With revenues of around $90 million in the United States, the film was a success for the studio, even though many expected it to perform as well as Witherspoon`s last big film, Sweet Home Alabama. Elle`s original motives for moving to Washington seem selfish and ridiculous, her materialistic shopping and beauty habits are exaggerated, and her values are slightly skewed by what most would call «normal,» but under Elle`s designer outfits beats a heart of pure gold and an admirable determination to defend the powerless. (For more information on biblical women of admirable character, click here.) America will no doubt express itself by spending millions of dollars on «Legal Blonde 2» to obey the film`s commercial flash (buses in several cities have been painted completely pink). Thus, the myth of a populist congress will survive, outside the real world of lobbyists, of rolling wood, punishing disloyalties and favors for friends. In the real world, Elle Woods would be chewed faster than one of the little bruiser`s milk bones. The Legally Blonde films follow the life of a rich and seemingly distraught young woman named Elle. The first film follows Elle as she tries to prove herself at Harvard Law School in order to win back her ex-boyfriend. However, as she slowly gains the admiration of her colleagues and professors, she discovers that she is capable of success as a lawyer and does not need to find confirmation in her relationship status with her former lover. Legal Blonde 2 continues a similar story, proving herself in Congress rather than law school. The sequel managed to bring in an admirable amount of money upon its release, but generally received negative reviews from critics.

Nearly two decades passed before a third part was finally announced. High expectations are common when trying to restart or rethink cult classics, and Legally Blonde 3 is no exception. Why is there a separation between Hollywood and the rest of America? Answer Like many movies today, this one contains an unnecessary «gay» subplot. This was not the case with the first Legal Blonde. Various viewers have told us that this seems particularly inappropriate to them in this film. Not only does Elle have a stereotypical gay personal assistant, but Elle`s man is also portrayed as «gay» and has a sexually aroused relationship with a congressman`s «gay» man. It`s a running gag in the movie. Chutney`s claims to have stepped on Brooke, who was standing above M. Windham (while she was really discovering her body herself), were initially on trial, and she and Enrique also conspired to claim that Brooke was having an affair with him.

However, these claims were proven false by Elle Woods (the film`s protagonist) when she concluded that Enrique was indeed gay, which was confirmed when he accidentally admitted to having a cross-examined friend. At his home in Boston, Elle`s fiancé (Luke Wilson) is incredibly understanding when their wedding is put on hold during Elle`s election campaign. There could be an entire comedy about being engaged or married to the creature in pink. When Grace is horrified that Rudd lied to her and blamed her, Grace and Elle finally reach a place of mutual respect, especially after Grace admits that she came to Washington DC. with an enthusiasm not unlike Elle`s, but later she lost that idealism when she discovered how dirty politics really could be. OTHER EDITOR`S NOTES: This is a movie for teens and adults only. The phrase «Oh my G-d» is often used. There are various adult jokes, some sexual innuendo, and foul language (including «H-ly cr-p» and «Give `em h-ll»).

Although this movie is non-violent, relatively clean for a PG-13 movie, and scores good points, some parents may choose to have it skipped by their teens because of their opinions on the following content. After being abandoned by her boyfriend Warner Huntington III, Elle Woods decides to go to Harvard Law School to prove him wrong. However, she struggled to adapt because the students and environment at Harvard were different for her. She gets an internship in Professor Callahan`s class, where she can help Professor Callahan in a recent murder case related to the murder of Brooke Taylor-Windham`s husband, Hayworth, who was shot.